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Amazing flowerpots

Wow everybody I was so amazed to see such a huge response I have never really posted any flowerpots pictures on public sites. It is so exciting being part of a global community that loves nature and can appreciate all its beauty from tiny plants to enormous trees. All credit to God for this wonder, the school gardeners and the very lovely weather we experience on the highveld of Johannesburg South Africa. All our spring gardens flower pots are blooming now you may be keen to look at a FB page called Gardens of the Golden City . Johannesburg was founded on gold found on open Savannah grassland , this grassland has been turned into the largest manmade forest in the world with millions of trees gracing our streets and suburbs . If you want a treat look at all the Jackranda trees in blossom right now in Pretoria and Johannesburg on the internet. Thanks for a huge lift to my heart keep on gardening : ) Rosalie

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