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Thermal Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog 6HYC-25DP

Thermal Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog 6HYC-25DP


Thermal Fogger


Thermal Fogger  Foggin machines - kill the killer mosquito

Thermal Fogger  machines are used for any pest control task where active substances should be uniformly distributed, even in 
inaccessible places, without leaving undesirable residues.Method of using fogging machine is the solution for treating large areas and spaces with a minimum quantity of pesticide solution, less operational work and with little harm to the environment (less residues, no penetration into the ground)

Application Field
1. Public Health (Mosquito, Nuisance and Vector Control) e.g. Insect Control in Public Installations 
(e.g. Parks, Lake Borders, Sporting Areas, Underground Sewage Channels), in Hotels, Canteens, 
Restaurants and in Private House & Gardens

2. Plant Protection (Indoors) in Greenhouses and Plant Cold Storages.

3 Plant Protection (Outdoors) in Crop Plantations and Forest, Ant- and Vole Control, Protection against Frost.

4. Animal Health (Disinfections and Insect Control of Livestock Buildings, and Aerosol Vaccination).

5. Stock Protection (Post-Harvest Application in Silos, Warehouses, Tobacco Stores..) 5. Decontamination (Military Use).

6. Decontamination (Civilian Use) in case of disasters and Human Sanitation in Public Bathrooms, Hospitals, Dry

Cleaners, Railway wagons, Trucks, Air Condition Installations, including Odour Control and Fire Restoration.

7. Cinema-, Theatre- and Camouflage Effects, Fire Fighting Exercises, Leak Detection.







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Spray volume (L)


Starting method

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