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Car wash foam gun

Car wash foam gun

Car wash foam gun


foam gun

foam gun


Low pressure car wash foam gun 


Products is specialized in the low pressure car foam wash tools ,through the flexible combination,spray washing water wax .
and low pressure soft water washing car.

Product introduction

Currently on the market a vatiety of cleaning , when cleaning the real time-saving products only use bubble pressure washer market 
products in a variety of water washing products will be the first water booster,spray wash ,spray cleaning liquid, scrub rinse ,dry,six steps .
some products in the process of charging using live water pump.

Character:in avariety of avaliable products .foamging scrub ,rinse dry .four steps finish it .simple and convinient .
the product is small in size ,light in weight .no need to charge the devive,and the natural water is used directly.

Cleaning fluid reguirements:Netural foaming liquid (natural foaming can wash any kinds ofcan be wash product)no chemical reaction 
to any of the surface of the product can be cleaned.


Product superiority 

by hydraulic drive delicate car wash water spray wax and flushing process of car body ,thorough farewell traditional car wash in the process 
high pressure gun and foam bottle .put an end of to the damage caused by high pressure water colum on car paint .
save space and equipment ,improve car wash level and efficiency .



Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 14X14X23 CM
Single gross weight: 0.68 KG



12015 Hot Sale Jet Spray Gun With 1L Foam Tank 
2 Novel design, rich foam. 
3 Energy-saving and portability. 


Process of washing vehicle

2015 Hot Sale Jet Spray Gun With 1L Foam Tank 

  • 1.First flush the vehicle wholly with this water gun. 
  • 2.Connect the foamed gun head with the water gun. Spray out foam well proportioned onto the vehicle body.
  • 3.Wipe the vehicle body with sponge..
  • 4.Offload the foamed gun head and washing the vehicle body clearly with water gun.


 Major Technical Parameters


Description: 2014 Hot Sale Jet  Spray Gun With 1L Foam Tank 
Product Size: 42.8*10.5*22.4cm
N.W/G.W 7.2kg/9.1kg
Packing 12pc in one carton
Package size 49.5*42.5*28.5CM
Capacity of bottle 900ML


Quality: PP& copper
Pressure: 2.5-4BAR
Water folw: 8L/min-1.8USGpm
Jet length: 9-11M
Model: FT-10030



usage method 
1,work pressure is 2.5-4bar

2,remove down with siphon pipe's mixing valve 

3,put hand grip yellow with water source hose connection 

4,put cleaning agent into the bottle,and screw down the bottle lid with mixing valves 

5,in order to prevent leakage of detergent from the bottle .the bottle of plastic foam gun must always keep up 

6,according to the the bottle body table .adjust the mixing liquid select the appropriate proportion of foam 

7,for direct flushing,please adjust the valve to ,or remove the handle from the mixing valve


matters need attention 

1,foam gun handle with anti backflow device ,do not arbitrarily change the handle 

2,for the use of different cleaning agents ,please be sure to thoroughly clean the mixing valve and the watering bottle ,
to prevent the occurrence of corrosion 

3,dont put the watering bottle upside down ,prevent wax blocked pores and regulating valve 

4,it is forbidden to spray foam to the power outlet to avoid serious consequences caused by electic shocks


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