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City Picker and grow boxes

City Picker and grow boxes

City Picker


City picker




City Pickers -Grow Boxes-Garden Kit
Item: #62340D 
Self-contained growing unit

* 24" x 20" (60.96cm x 50.80cm) surface area

* 1/3 more space than similar products

* Approximately 2-gallon watering system

* Aeration and watering systems prevent root rot and mold

* Mulch cover e The resin used in this product is food safe High Density Polyethylene. It is chemically inactive, BPA free and Phthalate free. (Very Food Safe). For long range, the plastic is colorized with UV additives (also chemically inert) to prevent long term degredation in direct sunlight. liminates weeds


Mulch cover retains water and protects from drought


  • Mulch Cover
  • Water Fill Tube
  • Aeration Screen
  • Grow Box
  • Casters
Pack: 12

Weight-Lbs. (kg): 66 (29,93)----(Approx)

Cube - feet (meters): 11.13 (0,32)----(Approx)

Carton Dimensions - inches (cm):37 x 24.75 x 21 (93,98 x 62,87 x 53,34)----(Approx)



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