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Flit gun sprayer

Flit gun sprayer


Description for Flit gun sprayer- flit sprayer:

  • A solid, easy to operate and reliable Flit gun sprayer - it is perfect for most spraying jobs in or around the house. Turn the two nozzles one way for a consistent fine mist; turn it the other way for a pressurized jet. You don't have to worry about dripping, splattering or clogging.

  • Finished your spraying job? You clean the flit gun sprayer in seconds, dispose of the bottle and store the sprayer in a drawer. Alternatively, grab another empty soft-drink bottle and you are ready for the next job. You don't only save yourself time but you do your part for the environment as well by re-using some of your empty plastic soft-drink bottles.

Flit gun sprayer


  • The Flit gun sprayer is a versatile sprayer that has dozens of uses in your Home, Patio, Yard & Garden. Use it as a plant mister with water or leaf polish; a garden sprayer with insecticide, weed killer or fertilizer. Use it to disinfect your pet beds, kennels or stables. Use it to clean your Car & Boat or your BBQ & Smoker. You can use this sprayer system with many liquids including water, fertilizer, insecticide, weed killer, leaf polish, different house-hold cleaners, odour/stain removers, disinfectants, fly spray etc.

How to use Flit style sprayer?

  • Using is easy: Fill an empty 1 - 2 litre soda/soft-drink bottle with the liquid you want to spray - Screw the sprayer onto the bottle - Take the pump handle in one hand, holding the sprayer in the other, start pumping & spraying commences - No need to pressurize the bottle first - The handle pumps smoothly and effortlessly on the push and pull action - When you stop pumping the sprayer stops. Adjust the flow by turning the nozzle tips from a fine mist to a jet - Adjust the spray-area covered by swivelling the nozzles individually. The Sprayer is powerful, plenty of spraying with little pumping. A lot easier on the hands than using a non-pump trigger-sprayer.

Payment & Shipping Terms for Flit style sprayer
Minimum Order Quantity: small flit sprayer
Port: Ningbo
Packaging Details: Full-color individual package for good selling.
Delivery Time: 7-15days
Payment Terms : T/T
Supply Ability: 80000 Piece/Pieces per Month fast

The Flit gun sprayer usually export to East-South Asia, Africa, South Asia, and European market. and mostly fit for home and orchard and other field.

Are you care about the quality issue? Do not worry about it, we already Passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification and Passed CCC and CE certification.

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