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Heavy Duty Low-Fatigue Trigger & Nozzle Replacement Fits 32oz Bottle

Heavy Duty Low-Fatigue Trigger & Nozzle Replacement Fits 32oz Bottle

Trigger & Nozzle Replacement Designed for Durability.

- No sprayer head will last forever, but our’s is designed to maximize its lifespan with a rubber piston cup for broader chemical resistance with thick protection for the piston assembly to prevent damage during use and storage.

- Built-in filter/strainer on dip tube prevents large particles from clogging nozzle.

- Manufactured with commercial-grade polymers for maximum resistance to most solvents and chemicals.


Chemical Resistant Spray Head

Trigger & Nozzle Replacement


Flexible 9 1/4” Dip Tube is Cuttable For Easy Sizing

These will fit most quart (32 ounce) bottles. If you’re looking for a shorter sprayer, but still want commercial quality at a bulk price, simply use a pair of scissors to cut these to size!



Adjust Nozzle From Stream to Atomizer

The spray tip is infinitely adjustable from a thick stream to a fine mist, so you can customize it for your application.



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